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Risk Based Capital Round 2 – Raise Your Voice!

Over the course of the next three weeks we will be releasing a three-part series completed by CU*Answers audit, legal, and compliance professionals addressing the NCUA’s recent revisions to the proposed Risk Based Capital rule. The series will first concentrate on a holistic view of why this rule is flawed, followed by a legal perspective. The goal […]

CUNA Urges Comments on Risk Based Capital Proposal

CUNA’s Small Credit Union Committee created a call to action for Credit Unions to respond to the NCUA’s proposed Risk based Capital regulation.  The letter urges all credit unions to respond to the NCUA call for comments before the comment period ends on May 28th. CUNA and the NWCUA also sent this letter to all credit unions […]

Risk Based Capital and The 10th Risk

After careful review of the new 198 page Risk Based Capital rule, CU*Answers has compiled a white paper focusing on a number of sections of the rule including the discretionary ability of the NCUA to increase a credit union’s minimum RBC requirement.    Patrick Sickels and I collaborated on this white paper to detail the nuances […]

Risk Based Capital Rule….. We Must React

CU*Answers as a cooperative is stepping up its marketing effort and encouraging credit unions in the network to comment on the new NCUA-proposed rule regarding risk based capital. In a recent Callahan web conference my first slide read as follows: “Never in the history of NCUA rule-making has it been necessary to classify a regulator […]