What We Do

AuditLink’s mission is to deliver specialized services that enable credit unions to meet regulatory guidelines pertaining to policies, procedures, member disclosures, and mitigating the risks associated with running a financial institution. Our goal is to reduce the added work imposed by regulators, release the pressures common to execution of daily work and provide unprecedented service support personnel and consultants who understand even the most difficult operational issues.

Technology Value

Our technology value for both our clients and executive teams is that we apply our cooperative principals to regulatory issues to design software products and consulting solutions that drive the cost of compliance to lowest level.

Shared Execution Value

AuditLink also builds collaborative services for completing the daily work our credit unions clients cannot afford to do on their own such as the concentration risk evaluations, daily audit work, compliance reviews, and BSA and ACH annual audits.  Our businesses are built based upon our years of experience in this area of credit union operations as well as utilizing the years of experience our client staff members have which serve in the compliance area.

Design Consulting Value:

The value for clients from the consulting side is twofold.   First to guarantee they are configuring the system in accordance with their policies and procedures and second to help them design one of the most cost-effective compliance, audit, and risk mitigation processes possible.   In addition to the software side of the house we build value to both our clients and the industry as a whole through our unique ability to offer solutions which we consider ahead of the curve.   We live in the regulatory and auditing environment every day and our passion to research and incorporate our knowledge at the ground level guarantees the success of both our business line and our credit union clients