Risk Based Capital Rule….. We Must React

CU*Answers as a cooperative is stepping up its marketing effort and encouraging credit unions in the network to comment on the new NCUA-proposed rule regarding risk based capital. In a recent Callahan web conference my first slide read as follows:

“Never in the history of NCUA rule-making has it been necessary to classify a regulator as a risk to the credit union. However, we are not in normal times and the NCUA’s actions over the last few years are indicative of a regulator who believes they need to manage all the perceived risk out of a credit union’s operations. Don’t wait to be heard–let the NCUA know how the industry truly feels about the proposed rule!’ Jim Vilker, Op-Ed creditunions.com

Last week, Callahan & Associates sponsored a webinar discussing concerns and requesting feedback on the proposed NCUA rule that would judge capital adequacy on a risk-weighted basis.

If we want our voices to be heard, we have to make them be heard while we have the opportunity. I encourage you all to use the Credit Union Voices website to see other comments that have been made to the NCUA and as a helpful link to submit your own comments. You should also check out the comment letter Wright-Patt CU has drafted to send to the NCUA, which we found to be particularly well done:


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