Risk Management Resource Site Boasts Successes

Grand Rapids, MI – July 21st, 2011
CU*Answers recently announced that its RMRG site, or Risk Management Report Generator, has been well received since its launch late in 2009. Since its launch, 305 reports have been created online, 87 of them so far in 2011, while the Risk Management Matrix houses 33 matrices created by 55 different users.

According to the Grand Rapids-based CUSO of CU*BASE data processing and other services, the Risk Management Report Generator is a template designed to assist credit unions in completing the three phases (Risk Assessment & Planning, Due Diligence, Risk Management and Monitoring) of the evaluation process as related to their relationships with CU*Answers and other network partners. The Risk Management Matrix tool, launched in February of this year is designed to provide quantitative risk analysis for due diligence on new opportunities.

For more information on these tools or the other services provided by CU*Answers and network partners designed to assist credit unions with regulatory compliance, visit the AuditLink website at https://auditlinksuite.com/