Introducing The Network Compliance Teacher Newsletter

AuditLink is pleased to announce the Network Compliance Teacher Newsletter. The Network Compliance Teacher Newsletter is designed as a collaborative effort between AuditLink and the compliance professionals of our client credit unions, with an audience of every credit union staff member in our network who has to deal with the regulations affecting the credit union industry. The document is not just another newsletter for compliance professionals. It is designed to assist your staff in their daily work relative to regulatory issues. The concept is easy to understand: turn every compliance officer in our network into a teacher, share the knowledge, and raise the effectiveness of everyone’s compliance efforts. We need your experience and knowledge to make this possible.

The Network Compliance Teacher Newsletter will be produced by the AuditLink team but contain a number of articles written by other network compliance professionals. Topics will be chosen each quarter by the CU*Answers core compliance group. A major focus will revolve around the use of the CU*BASE tool to drive efficiencies and understanding of how the tool can be used to achieve regulatory requirements.

As an added incentive, credit unions whose work is published in the newsletter will receive a $250 credit on their next invoice. We expect at a minimum two credit union compliance professionals as authors for each publication. Your shared knowledge and experience will not only benefit your credit union directly, but you will add to the collective wisdom of the network.

Those credit unions wishing to contribute will be asked to submit their content by a certain date. Most newsletters will be anywhere from four to eight pages in length (1,000 – 2,000 words) and be structured as an educational tool related to regulations, current examination concerns, and industry best practice. The publication will be free to all network credit unions to review and distribute internally to staff as a guide for staff meeting presentations. Also, we will publish the content on the AuditLink Advisor site if you would like to use pieces of the publication and produce your own internal newsletter.

A core group of credit unions have already stepped up to the plate and are prepared to provide topics and content for the Network Compliance Teacher Newsletter. If you are not one of them please discuss with your CEO and let us know that you are interested in participating in this collaborative. Our first meeting will be scheduled for early next week to develop the list of topics and we expect to have our first publication out by the end of the month, so please contact Jim Vilker immediately if you want to participate— Even if you decide not to participate directly, we hope you’ll enjoy and take advantage of this new quarterly newsletter.

Network Compliance Teacher Newsletter, 1st edition.

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