Focus Group 11/05/10

Thank you to everyone that attended the AuditLink Focus Group on 11/05/10. I have uploaded the powerpoint to the Advisor site just in case you would like to review it. I have also posted the questions and answers to some of the questions that were asked during the webinar.

Focus Group Presentation

Focus Group 11/05/10 Q&As: 

1) What period does AuditLink use for stale dated checks?

 A. AuditLink uses 03/01/2006 as a starting date for pulling the report. If we pull the report on 11/09/10, then we would use the date range of 3/01/06-11/08/10.

2) Can the OFAC scan be updated to work on loan disbursements?

A. Project sheet #28760 was created to add an OFAC scan for loan disbursement checks.

3) Are you in the process of converting the electronic transaction query into a CU*Base report?

A. We are in the process of taking the necessary steps to convert this query into a CU*Base report.

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