CU*Answers Helps Credit Unions Raise Their Voice

In response to the recent NCUA call for comments on the proposed TCCUSF refund, CU*Answers encouraged its employees and partner credit unions to raise their voices. “Too often credit unions remain silent while important proposals are passed with no comment or fight,” said Randy Karnes, CU*Answers CEO. “The ‘Raise Your Voice!’ initiative we’ve done in the past is about helping credit unions and their members get the word out to the NCUA that they want their opinions heard.”

To facilitate the process of commenting to the NCUA, CU*Answers created a webpage making it easy for individuals to complete a simple form and submit a letter. To help with crafting the letter, CU*Answers included common criticisms of the proposal, such as the increase of the Normal Operating Level, for users to copy, paste, and adjust as they saw fit.

“It’s important for as many comment letters to be sent to NCUA as possible,” said Bill Burke, Day Air Credit Union CEO prior to the deadline, who advocated against increasing the NOL. The community responded in kind as over forty CU*Answers employees and representatives from over twenty-five client credit unions submitted letters to the NCUA voicing their complaints.