CU*Answers Credit Unions Swap and Drop

AuditLink, a service of cooperative CUSO, CU*Answers, recently published a video introducing PolicySwap and ExamShare.  AuditLink reduces the added work imposed by regulations and compliance through the combination of its services, innovative technology, and cooperation amongst industry peers.

Factors inherent in changing regulations mandate continuous training and frequent exposure to compliance issues with applied auditor solutions. The forecast indicates greater focus in these areas, with stringent penalties for violators. Consequently, this places a higher degree of accountability on credit union staff to ensure these regulatory requirements are met. This increases day-to-day activities at an alarming rate absorbing time that could be met on serving members.

PolicySwap creates an accessible location for credit unions to retrieve and share over two hundred policies with other users. Credit unions can save valuable time by retrieving a validated policy and repurposing it for their own unique situation. ExamShare assists the credit union in exam preparation through awareness of and information on what examiners are looking for.

At the leadership of CU*Answers compliance expert, Jim Vilker, AuditLink was established in May 2008 and reaches over two hundred credit unions across the United States. For more information or to watch the PolicySwap and ExamShare video overviews, visit