CU*Answers and Fortress Plus partner on the future of financial crime prevention

CU*Answers has chosen Fortress Plus as its partner in providing the future of financial crime risk management systems to credit unions. The new relationship enables CU*Answers to sell Rampart, the Fortress Plus system, and paves the way for deep integration to support embedded decisioning for fraud prevention.

The new agreement comes on the heels of the two organizations’ recent partnership enabling AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers, to use Rampart in providing comprehensive fraud management and prevention services. The combined approach enables CU*Answers to bring a financial crime risk management system to the market as both a user and a provider of the technology thereby enabling a greater level of service through deeper understanding.

Randy Karnes, CEO of CU*Answers stated, “We are designing a competency in CU*BASE® (CU*Answers’ core data processing system) that embeds technology and processes to extend beyond a tactical response to financial crime to a strategic initiative designed to reduce credit union employee overhead while minimizing friction for the member.”

“CU*Answers provides the visionary partner that Fortress Plus needs to achieve our goal of high efficiency, low friction fraud prevention,” added Jeff Whelton, President of Fortress Plus. “Their commitment to innovating for their credit union owners and clients creates an environment for both companies to learn and grow in financial crime risk management.”

Credit unions are enjoying the benefits of a strong economy which results in less crime. Now is the time to build your defenses against the coming shift of this bull market. Waiting until the economy is in a bear market will put you in less of a position to invest while you are under the greatest levels of assault by bad actors.