Assessing Transaction Risk Related to Overdraft Fees and Posting Methodology

In recent months I have had a number of calls related to the class action lawsuits been filed in a number of states relative to perceived “non-consumer-friendly” transaction posting practices causing excessive overdraft fees.   As the press has exposed, both banks and credit unions are either settling these types of suits or losing them altogether.  What is becoming apparent is not the fact that the credit union posted high to low, as an example, but the fact that they did not disclose to the customer the posting order and its effect on potential fees. Other cases that have recently been settled have actually accused the financial institution of manipulating the posting order on existing accounts for the sole purpose of increasing revenue.  To address and review this risk, CU*Answers has formulated  a template for you to use to complete your vendor research and report on transactional risk to your Board of Directors, as an exercise to control any potential financial risk associated with these posting processes.     I would encourage you to download the document and review the template, research of third parties, and synopsis of recent cases.    Just one more arrow in your quiver of risk mitigation tools provided to you by CU*Answers.

Download the PDF



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