4. Critical Field Monitoring

Activity – Currently credit unions must review the file maintenance logs to determine if the changes made to member accounts were completed correctly and with the proper authority.

Solution – Create a screen where the credit union could chose up to 15 different critical system fields which currently show on the file maintenance log. At the end of the day, populate a screen similar to the one used for BSA daily monitoring where the credit union would work these changes in real time.

Status – Specs submitted, awaiting development

One Response to “4. Critical Field Monitoring”

  1. Wendy Behnke

    I would also like to see a place to add a tracker that says it was reviewed. Right now I review the maintenance on a weekly basis but I have to keep a log of when I reviewed it – for examiners. It would be great to be able to show them not only did I review them but you can see it on the report that I did because a tracker was added.


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