10. Improving Abnormal Activity Monitoring

Activity – Currently the Abnormal Activity Monitoring tool is configured by selecting a specific member group and setting the risk level based on the transaction count and amount of each origin group over that entire field of membership.  This can make it difficult to single out a specific high-risk member.

Solution – Instead of configuring transaction count and transaction amount on the membership level, create a sort criteria based on a percentage range for each origin group on an individual level.

Status In discussions internally with the product team.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 12, 2015

One Response to “10. Improving Abnormal Activity Monitoring”

  1. Amy Bergen

    This has to be our number one hoped for enhancement at CCFCU. Being able to review accounts based on their individual patterns is really the AAM ideal. Otherwise we spend a lot of time filtering through ‘false positives’ for folks who routinely do more than the average member. Employees who are active users of CU services also show up more often that they likely should. So yes, we’re excited for this one.

    Questions on this project – Will this drill down to the suffix level or only membership?

    Also, will origin codes such as Wire Transfers be updated to not display as ‘error corrections’? That would also make review of these accounts more efficient and help separate routine transaction postings from true error correction.

    If you have any updates or would like to discuss this development idea with a CU that’s eager to put it to use, please feel free to contact me directly.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Amy Bergen
    Cumberland County FCU


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