1. ALM Download Enhancements

Activity – You’d like to get more out of your ALM relationship, but the amount of data they originally requested does not give them what they need to provide you with a more robust set of reports.

Solution – In 2011 we reached out to a number of ALM proiders, asking them to partner with us and change the experience of our credit unions collectively as it relates to ALM analysis.   McQueen Financial, stepped up to the plate and has assisted CU*Answers in understanding the data required to make their products really sing.   Together, McQueen and CU*Answers have developed a comprehensive data download, including the ability to hit a button in CU*BASE and the data is instantly downloaded to an excrypted transport server to which McQueen has access.   No more downloading the information one file at a time, encrypting it, and sending it off.

Status – In production for all CUs 12.4 release

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