Non-Member OFAC Scans….What do you think?

How do you prove that Non-Members are included in the CU*BASE OFAC scan? This question keeps popping up and I believe we need to find a better solution.


When an OFAC scan is run it does include non-members. If there is a match it will show up on the printable OFAC Data Match report. That’s great, but what about the non-members that do not match anything on the SDN list? How do we prove that OFAC was run on them? This is where you come in! Please use this area to post a comment on your thoughts and ideas. Some of the suggestions thus far have been:

*      Audit trackers being added to Non-Member files

*      A report showing all Non-Member’s that did not match

*      A report showing all CU*BASE files that were ran against the SDN list


Thanks for your help and I look forward to reading your ideas!

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