Network Compliance Group Returns

AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers, recently announced the return of its Network Compliance Group. “We have had a lot of previous members and new clients ask us to revive the group, so we are!” stated Marsha Sapino, AuditLink Assistant Manager. The group was started by Sapino in 2011 when she worked at Meijer Credit Union, a client of CU*Answers. “I wanted a group of peers that I could have discussions with regarding compliance related topics,” Sapino added. “So I contacted a handful of local credit unions that also use the CU*BASE® software.” The group had round robin email discussions and met in person periodically. When Sapino shifted employment from the credit union to CU*Answers in 2012, the network group came with her. “The email strings continued and we still had our meetings, but shifting priorities and new initiatives resulted in the group falling apart.” Fast forward to today, an announcement went out to old and prospective new members stating that the group is back and bigger than ever, with over 100 members from California to New York. The group will hold quarterly meetings held via web conferencing tools to allow all to attend and participate.