MLA Active Duty Status Update

CU*Answers continues to work on the issues experienced with pulling the active duty status indicator on credit reports.   Our research has uncovered that every Equifax client on the system was unable to pull a credit report once the actual change by ZOOT went live.  What we discovered is that, unlike the other two bureaus, Equifax bundles their products and if the credit union was not set up for MLA sent the requesting staff member an error rather than the credit report without a status indicator.  We are evaluating how many if any of clients were properly set up but at first blush it appears that no credit unions had been configured to receive MLA.  For Equifax clients that desire to get the active duty status please contact your representative and specifically ask that they verify that you have been configured to receive this indicator.  There are many credit unions that thought once the paperwork was submitted that it would immediately be turned on.  We have discovered that this was not the case and it does take some time for Equifax to complete the change.  Once you have completed that task please contact the LenderVP team and advise them that you either are configured properly or give us the date that it is anticipated to be completed.  We need to activate you at ZOOT for you to receive the indicator.  At this time we have instructed ZOOT to change the code once again to accommodate the issues uncovered on the 4th and intend on testing the new code Tuesday with an expected go live date of Thursday the 13th.

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