Mandatory Social Security Direct Deposit-Are Your Members Ready?

As most of you already know, recipients receiving Social Security by check will have until March 1, 2013 to sign up for direct deposit or the Direct Express debit card. One way for recipients to sign up for direct deposit is through “Go Direct”.  What Financial Institutions don’t know is that they can become a “Go Direct Partner” and help their members/customers with the transition. There is no cost to the FI and they provide additional benefits such as co-brandable marketing materials and campaign programming.

So how does your FI sign up as a partner and start helping their members/customers?  You start by clicking on the link below and clicking on the “Register Now” link. It will take you through a short series of steps to set up your FI and just like that….you’re registered!  Easy right?  Now you can start helping your Social Security recipients with setting up their direct deposit.

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