Introducing the CU*BASE 5300 Call Report Tool

The CU*BASE 5300 Call Report tool was released this summer!    Credit Unions now have the ability to enter their Call Report data into CU*BASE.  This is a big step toward reducing the burden of completing this quarterly task.

CU*Answers plans to automate the collection of data for the Call Report as much as possible for your credit union.  The software has ‘auto-pop routines’ that automatically populate CU*BASE data to your Call Report.  Several automation routines are currently available (G/L balances, Security, and Purpose Codes) and we continue to evaluate ideas for future automation routines.   Do you have any ideas?   Please send them to

Your credit union has the flexibility to configure exactly which G/L accounts, Security Codes, or Purpose Codes to use for populating NCUA Account Codes depending on how your data is organized in CU*BASE.  Once defined in the software, the credit union configurations are saved for future Call Reports.

On July 7, 2009 we held our first 5300 software web conference training and since then over 50 credit unions are using the software!   We have actually had credit unions commenting that completing the Call Report in CU*BASE was exciting and sort of fun!   How often do you use those words when referring to the Call Report?

If you weren’t able to attend this webinar, it can be viewed at:

 3rd Quarter Report—What to Expect

The NCUA has many changes coming for the September ’09 Call Report.  One major change is a new web-based system for submitting and reviewing the Call Report information.  Your credit union will maintain profile information (info that infrequently changes) separately from other Call Report data. 

Also for the September Call Report, the NCUA has added 95 new Account Codes for delinquency monitoring.  In addition to the delinquent loan dollar amounts, the NCUA now requires the number of delinquent loans in each of the loan categories.  CU*Answers is diligently working on enhancements to the MNCOLL Loan Delinquency Analysis Report that will help our credit unions obtain this information.

CU*Answers is preparing for the NCUA changes and is currently working on the upload of CU*BASE data to the NCUA.   We will have this process ready as quickly as we can.  But, don’t wait to start using the CU*BASE software!   You can begin to accumulate comparison data for future reports and use the available automation routines to calculate some of the Account Codes for you.  By entering your Call Report data now, you can verify auto-pop calculations and have much of the data in place for future reports.

To learn more about the CU*BASE Call Report software, check out the 5300 Call Report & CU*BASE Tools booklet.  You can find the latest 5300 project information and documentation by accessing the kitchen page at:

Remember that this is a work in progress and we need your input!  If you have questions or comments, please contact

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