AuditLinks Presence Growing Rapidly

The new Audit and Compliance division of the cuasterisk network of CUSOs, AuditLink, announced inspiring first year results at CU*Answers Annual Leadership Conference on June 17th.

Jim Vilker, Business Manager of AuditLink revealed that 21 credit unions across the United States, from New York to Oregon have come on board to use AuditLinks services. More than 420 recommendations have been made to help credit unions improve their compliance and auditing related activities, policies, procedures, and disclosures. Vilker also stated that the daily work performed by AuditLinks compliance specialists and other collaborative initiatives have led to over 25 changes in the CU*BASE platform that will ultimately assist credit unions in lowering their overall cost and increase efficiencies relating to audit-related operations.

AuditLink is a growing community of credit unions wishing to collaborate and gain a firm grasp on compliance and auditing related activities in their credit unions. The community is becoming one where credit unions can share their experiences and expertise through the use of a similar technology network and infrastructure. The recently released AuditLink Advisor web site has also given CU*BASE clients the ability to blog between each other and have a one-stop site to gain pertinent industry-related compliance and auditing news. – Jim Vilker

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