AuditLink Community Growing Rapidly

AuditLink, a compliance and audit process division of CU*Answers, has recently announced its community is 25 credit unions strong.

According to the CUSO, the service has far exceeded original expectations of contracting for 20 credit unions in its first two years. Now 25 credit unions strong, it is expected that AuditLink will be providing audit and compliance services to 30 credit union partners within the next 6 months. The CUSO states that it has continually been improving and streamlining its processes, enabling it to address individual credit union needs. It has begun to address larger credit union needs by assisting internal staff in specific areas of auditing including employee review, dormancy monitoring, and file maintenance logs.

According to Jim Vilker, VP of Professional Services for CU*Answers, “Though not unexpected, we have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction of our credit union owners/clients and their willingness to embrace this and other managed services provided by a partnership between CU*Answers and Xtend. We have designed these collaborative ad hoc services to be not only affordable, but to enable credit unions to increase the level of service they provide to their members and gain a competitive advantage.”

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