Adverse Action Notice

Thank you for everyone that attended the Adverse Action Notice webinar! There are several pieces of information relating to the webinar that we would like to post and make available to you. To make sure all of the related material stays in one place, we will continue to update this post when additional information becomes available.


-Adverse Action Notice – Reg B Webinar, July 21, 2011.

Adverse Action Notice – Reg B PDF

 -Many of you were looking for the credit bureau risk scoring reasons. Wendy Gillies was nice enough to forward AuditLink a copy of her list. See the link below.

Credit Score Rating 2

*Updated July 22, 2011* 

We made the following changes to the Adverse Action Notice based on your feedback from the webinar:

  • The verbiage “We are unable to offer credit for the reason shown under below…”. Removed “under”.
  • Added a line under the CRA for the credit union to enter a website.
  • Increased the field size for the applicant name.
  • Added an additional line for the member address.
  • Added a line for the CU website.


 *Updated 8/26/11*

The Adverse Action OnDemand video



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