AuditLink performs first virtual audit using Virtual StrongBox

AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers, announced a partnership with Virtual StronBox in October of 2017.  Virtual StrongBox is a company that provides a secure platform that allows AuditLink to perform virtual audits in a safe and secure environment. On December 12, 2017, AuditLink performed their first virtual ACH audit with Chiphone Federal Credit Union.

Chiphone’s CFO, Tonya Cionek said: “Using Virtual Strongbox for our offsite ACH audit was very easy!  The whole offsite process went smooth and we had good communication back and forth with questions and answers and additional information as needed!”

AuditLink has two more virtual audits scheduled for January 2018 for a credit union in Cincinnati, OH, and one in Yakima, WA.

“This experience allows AuditLink to spend less time traveling and devote that time to completing the audits in a timelier manner,” added Marsha Sapino, AuditLink assistant manager. “We look forward to the opportunities this partnership will continue to bring.”

If you are interested in having your BSA and/or ACH audit performed by AuditLink, please contact them at