What We Do

AuditLink has been in the vendor management business since 2008 when it created and rolled out the Risk Management Report Generator (RMRG), a static, web-based system designed to assist financial institutions with the minimum regulatory requirements revolving around vendor management. The Risk Management Report Generator has been used by over 100 institutions and thousands of vendors, and continues to grow.

The RMRG continues to be a vital component in the vendor management space. However, it requires financial institutions to do all the work and was designed to be used once per year—a static process. Today, regulatory bodies are asking for more dynamic vendor management processes; simply reviewing a SSAE-16 and financial statements is fast becoming an unacceptable vendor management system. Where financial institutions were given a pass on reviewing the five items seen in the flowchart here, it is quickly becoming a requirement where ten, twenty, or even thirty different areas of your vendor relationship must be under constant review. Couple that with the recent FFIEC cybersecurity guidance which now includes vendor management and this area of operations will require additional retooling and investment.

To meet the ever growing needs of financial institutions in this area AuditLink has partnered with G2Link and has put together one of the most robust vendor management services in the industry to meet this growing regulatory burden and assist financial institutions in protecting critical relationships in a pro-active manner

About G2Link
G2Link’s on-demand Trust and Reputation platform is a flexible, scalable, web-based solution that allows organizations to understand their operational risk by monitoring the trust and reputation of their key third-party relationships. This is accomplished by allowing business peers to rate each other’s performance based on their role (Reputation) and enabling businesses to invite their advisors to validate key milestones (Trust).

G2Link provides an unmatched user experience that combines easy to use functionality with actionable insights and comprehensive service and support.