RMRG Webinar a Success!!

The Risk Management Report Generator Webinar last Friday was the largest webinar in CU*Answers history! There were 98 people in attendance at webinar  for the unveiling of the new risk assessment tool by Patrick Sickels and Jim Vilker and to see an overview the Risk Management Report Generator website.   

For those of you who were unable to attend the webinar and the introduction of the new Risk Assessment Tool, this is a great tool for every credit union to use. Here is just a short overview of what the Risk Assessment Matrix is and can do for you.

“The Risk Management Matrix allows sophisticated analysis of risks without the need for an advanced mathematical degree. This powerful, modular tool allows you to undertake a range of risk assessments focusing on key areas such as external security. You will be able to assess a whole range of business risks, from purchasing a building, to making a capital IT investment, and even assessing compliance with the security provisions of the GLBA. Yet the analysis requires just a few minutes on an online site and no mathematical calculations.” 

Even with the short amount of time that this tool has been available, we been overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback. This ranges from “This tool is so easy to use!” to “A great price for such a beneficial tool.”

Click here to see what the Risk Management Report Generator site can do for you!

Feb 11 2011 Risk Management Report Generator PowerPoint

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